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It's Official!

Hitched in Vegas Married at 10:30 am
Sunday, May 23, 2004
Candlelight Wedding Chapel
2855 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Jennifer pregnant?
A: No.

Q: How long was this planned?
A: The tickets were booked the first week of May.

Q: Why didn't you call me - I was in Los Angeles/Arizona/Las Vegas and would have loved to have been there?
A: If we let you come everyone else would have wanted to too.

Q: Who knew about it?
A: James, Jennifer, the jeweller, and

Q: Who was there?
A: James, Jennifer, the minister and the limo driver.

Q: Was Elvis there?
A: No. Elvis is dead.

Q: Where did you stay?
A: The MGM Grand.

Q: When did you go/get back?
A: We left Friday, May 21 after work and got back Monday evening.

Q: When did James propose?
A: There wasn't a formal proposal. He suggested going to Vegas and Jen called his bluff.

Q: Is Jennifer changing her name?
A: Once she figures out which forms to fill out, and in which order, she'll be changing her last name from Lawrence to Lawrence Byrne.

Q: When's the party?
A: We're having an "open house" type party of Saturday, June 19. 1pm to 1am. Stop by when you can and stay as long as you want. We'll be spending most of the day outside, and with the help of our family we'll be providing all the food and refreshments. If you haven't received an invite, we're terribly sorry. It's been hard keeping track of all the email addresses. Email us for the directions - we'd love to see you there!

Friday - Getting the Marriage License

Saturday - Taking it easy
  Drinks at the Pool
  More Drinks
  Jen at the Pool
  Jen and James at the Pool
  View from the Pool
  Jen in corridor with Sammy Davis Jr.
  James in corridor with Cary Grant
  View from Hotel Room

Late Sat/Early Sunday - Rehearsal Dinner and Touring
  Dinner at Studio Cafe
  At the Excalibur Casino

Sunday - Getting Ready
  James is ready!

Sunday - Getting There
  Jen at Limo
  Jen getting into Limo
  James in the Limo
  Jen in the Limo
  James again in Limo
  Jen again in Limo
  Jen getting out of Limo

Sunday - At the Chapel
  Chapel Outside
  The Chapel Sign
  Chapel Inside
  Jen doing the paperwork

Sunday - After the Ceremony
  Us at the altar
  At the altar
  At the altar again
  First Kiss
  Kiss at the Candles
  Jen in the Gazebo
  Us in the Gazebo
  Us at the Gazebo
  Jen with the next bride and her kids
  Us with the next bride and her kids
  Rings and Bouquet close-up
  Outside the Chapel
  Outside the Chapel (other angle)
  In front of the Limo
  Jen in the Limo
  Us in the Limo
  In the back of the Limo
  Kissing in the Limo

Sunday - Reception Lunch
  Circo at the Bellagio
  Jen coming back to table
  Rotating Celing Art
  Feeding each other cake

Sunday Afternoon/Evening - Relaxing Afterwards
  Jen Enjoying Drinks
  James at the Waterfall
  James in the pool
  After party at the Venetian
  Us at the Venetian Fountain Home

jen AT jenniferlawrence DOT ca