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HTML Tutorial - Lesson One

Creating Your First HTML Document

  1. If your computer isn't already on, turn it on.
  2. Once your computer has completely booted up make sure no other applications (programs) are open.
  3. Go to the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and click Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad
  4. Type the following into Notepad:
    This is my first HTML document.
  5. On the menu for Notepad select File -> Save As...
  6. Save the file to your Desktop with the file name first.html and make sure that next to "Save as type" is set to "All Files". Hit the Save button. See screenshot
  7. Open up your browser of choice (Netscape or Internet Explorer probably) by following one of the following actions from the taskbar:
    Start -> Programs -> Internet Explorer
    Start -> Programs -> Netscape Communicator -> Netscape Navigator
    You may have to access either of these browsers slightly differently depending on which version you have and your setup.
  8. It is not necessary to connect to the Internet at this point.
    Netscape users:
    1. Select File -> Open Page.
    2. Click on Choose File
    3. Navigate to the desktop and choose the file "first.html" and then click the Open button.
    4. Click "Open"

    Internet Explorer users:
    1. Select File -> Open.
    2. Click Browse
    3. Navigate to the desktop and choose the file "first.html" and then click the Open button
    4. Click the OK button
  9. And voila! Your webpage should look like this.

Congratulations! I hope it went smoothly for you. If you had any problems feel free to email me at JEN at JENNIFERLAWRENCE dot CA about them. If you didn't have any problems you're probably ready to move onto Lesson Two Home
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