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Looking to learn about something web related? At Juicy Studio they've got tutorials of all sorts! XML, ASP, HTML, Java, Perl, PHP and more!


PHP has been something I've been thinking about learning for a while now. I took an introductory afternoon course on MySQL/PHP through DigitalEve last weekend and will probably move to a web host with PHP and MySQL when my current time is up here. I wanted to bookmark some useful PHP pages on the net.
Sending e-mail with PHP
Links to PHP articles


So when I was at MIT in June 2001 to attend a couple of lectures about the ArsDigita Community System there was a presentation about VoiceXML. It's like interacting with a computer over the phone... I'm sure there are better ways to explain it. Actually I believe Hey Anita actually has in a PDF document about the benefits of VoiceXML.

Anyways, I'm going to start playing with it. I've signed up with VoiceGenie and I have two very simple applications so far. You can listen to them by calling 416 736-9731 and specifying extension 73121 or 73120. I think one of them is broken though... and I'm not sure how. If you want to see the code behind these two check them out here: - 73121 - 73120

The Anti-SPAM Machine

For all those webmasters/site owners who are looking to cut down on the spam email you receive from people pulling it from your website Spam-proof your email address with's email conversion!

Virus Hoaxes and Annoying Chain Email

Quoted from an email I got through Digital Eve:
With all this talk of viruses, I thought I'd throw my two cents in. First, whenever I get a message about some new virus, I always check it at: (Symantec has a similar site if you prefer them).

This will tell me if the virus is real or is a hoax. Second, I don't open anything that ends with .vbs, that's a visual basic script. It's an easy way to create a virus and no one should be sending you scripts.

Third, I run a good virus checker that checks my email and anything I download. It also checks java and javascript in webpages and does a heuristic check as well. I keep this up to date.

Fourth, from there I don't panic about opening what appear to be valid attachments (word documents, zip files, etc. ).

Cool things you can still do with Windows

Perhaps many of you aren't aware of this, but the beginning of Microsoft was a program called DOS (Disk Operating System) that ripped off the Unix operating system. Over the years and releases Microsoft has crippled the functionality of DOS over and over, but there are still a few cool commands you can run from a command prompt.

To get a command prompt there are generally two ways. Click the Start button, then select Programs and somewhere within all those options there will be either a "Command Prompt" or "DOS Prompt". Alternatively you can click the Start button, then Run... and type 'command' or 'cmd' followed by the 'OK' button.

One command I rediscovered a couple of months ago and just refined today for a fellow Ottawa DigitalEve-r. BEHOLD
dir /B > filenames.txt

This amazing command will send the names of all of the files in the current directory/folder into a file called filenames.txt. Give it a try. You can't harm anything by it!.

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