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I was trying to find some Christmas-y desktop wallpaper today - but I found a lot of crap and pop-up windows. I did find one place with excellent wallpapers - the only downside is that they're mostly for screen sizes of 640x480 or 800x600, while I prefer 1024x768 - but some of them still work. The site is called Holiday Wallpapers and my favorites are Happy Howlidays and Bah-Humbug!. She's also got gift tags for you to print, colour and cut out for you crafty ones.

I'm not quite sure what I should be doing with this space. Perhaps just links to cool Christmas-y things to get you in the mood. Like this link to Christmas decorating ideas. Feel free to peruse my Christmas wish list.

Christmas 1999 Pictures

Stella in her Christmas outfit Wilf - Christmas Stephen and Madelaine in the snow - closeup Madelaine - closeup
Stella with a red sequined bow tie collar for Christmas Wilf at Mom's for Christmas Steve shoveling and Madelaine playing in the snow with a shovel Madelaine
Jim and Madelaine Wilf, Karen and Stella Stephen and Madelaine in the snow Madelaine

Christmas 2004 Pictures

Avery, Jen, and Jocelyne James and Jen James, Jen and Avery in front of the tree

Christmas Eve 2005 Pictures

Christmas 2005 Pictures

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