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Bruce's Poem

Mean people suck, that's what I say
I wish I could kill one every day
One a day will do, i'm not greedy
Killing them all now might make me needy

If they all die now, there will be none for later
My first target will be Christian Slater
That movie "Hard Rain" was a piece of shit
That is why he'll be buried in a pit

Tommy Lee will join him the day after
Because beating your wife does not cause Laughter
If Richard Greco was around, I'd chop off his head
But there's no need since his career is dead

Jack Nicholson will live, so hold your bloodthursty drool
He's an asshole, but he's too cool
Robert Smith of the Cure isn't mean but he must Die
For being an english depressing clown guy

They must each die differently one by one
Maybe with a knife, maybe a with gun
A sharp blow to the head with a pipe would do it
Or a cup of big blue, you only need a bit

Mean people, mean people, they must all go
Even if one a day is a little slow
The concept of this may be naughty
But don't forget to dispose of the body Home
>Bruce's Poem